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Last updated on December 11, 2008

Concerto provides the power to promote a strong brand identity alongside informative messages about on-campus happenings and services. Concerto, too, has a brand identity that requires consistent use of common graphical elements.

Concerto has a unique brand identity that sets itself apart from other digital signage systems. This page is your guide to Concerto printed graphic identity standards. Outlined here are Concerto's graphic identity standards related to wordmarks, colors, logos, and other graphic elements. Here we also provide guidelines, downloadable files, and examples of the brand in action.

These standards apply to all visual representations of Concerto, including websites, brochures, electronic communications, merchandise, and signage.


All logos and wordmarks are available as high-resolution JPEG images and as EPS scalable vector-graphic files.

White Background

Concerto Logo (White BG)


Blue Background (Vertical)

Concerto Logo (Blue BG Vertical)



Below are the official colors for Concerto publications, web sites, user interfaces, and other appearances of the Concerto brand.

Concerto Blue

Hex # 006699, C 93 M 58 Y 18 K 2, R 0 G 102 B 153

Desktop Wallpapers

Concerto Boot

Concerto Boot Wallpaper

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